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1889 April 27 Cleaning out colts stable cleaning out the stalls, over to the house. P. Humphrey got four pigs from Henry. Him & I went over after them. Took 1 {we} back to McMillins to the bore! 28 Up to organize S.S. to the Medots Church at night 29 P Humphrey and I building fence all day 30 Drawing dirt this forenoon. Drawing apple limbs this afternoon. Drawed a load of hay on the wagon for Galt. May 1 Carring brush and digging out post holes till ten o clock. dragging till noon. 2 Cleaning up the garden & digging some. Cleaning up oats this afternoon. 3 Digging garden this forenoon, plowing summer fallow this afternoon. 4 Plowing all day Beagle (my dog) and I killed a ground hog. Beagle got it up a fence stake. 5 Sunday School. Went out to Desties. Home at night to church. 6 Cultivating till three dragging till five rolling till night. 7 Rolling till eight, gang plowing till night. Set my hen on seventeen eggs. 8 Dragging this forenoon rolling till half past three dragging till night 9 Plowing all day in the summer fallow 10 Plowing till ten rain till noon. Plowing all afternoon wth Peter Humphrey. 11 Peter Humphrey and I finished the summer fallow at five o'clock came up to the barn. Dragging till night. 12 To S.S. in morning to church at night 13 gang plowing till ten o'clock. dragging and rolling till noon. Drawing out manure in afternoon. Hen had nine ducks. 14 Fixed a fence for the hens. Peter & I drawing out manure. Planting potatoes this afternoon. 15. plowing and dragging till noon, rolling and planting corn this afternoon. Time out to Peter Humphrey. 16 Fixed a pen for my ducks. Down to Elroy Hymers, set two hens for Mr Mott. 17 Went over to Henry's for horses to plow lots. Paw & I plowed them. 18 Dragged the other lot twice. Took horses over to Henry's. Made a pen for my ducks. Marked out rows up to the other lot. 19 To S.S. in morning To church at night M. Plowman preached. 20 Planting corn and potatoes all day. up to other lot. 21 Down to Smith Willards Albert McCormack and I planted potatoes & covering them. Got a poultry book 22 Cutting some burdocks up to the other lot. One of my little ducks died. 23 Cutting down burdocks. over to Henry's to get the horse but did not. 24 Varley Bond & James Main and I shooting this forenoon. shooting in Bond's lane this aft. 25 Almira and I to Galt Ella and Olive Humphrey up playing crockey 26 To S.S. Desty & John out to Methodist church at night. 27 Out to Desty's all day. Set a hen on light brahma eggs. Mr Mott brought the eggs from Port Colborn. He gave me the hen to set them under. Set another plymouth rock hen on thirteen eggs. 28 Made a nest box. Started to fix my shoes. snowed some today. 29 White hen came off this morning with sixteen chicks out of seventeen eggs. Went back to John Wedge after setting hen but did not get any. Heavy frost last night 30 Finished fixing my shoe. Made a chicken catcher. 31. Down to Brice Culhams to see about a pig. Got my Farm and Home paper. June 1 Elroy Nymers & I back to John Wedge. I tried to get a setting hen 2 S.S. in morning to Brethern church at night, 3 up to other place digging - put in some beans. John Wedge fetched me out a setting hen. Set her. 4 Walked out to meet Desty but she came in the buggy. Went over to Henry's got the horse 5. Almira and Maw away. Rosa & I home. Made a cart. 6 Put Dexter on my cart - took two bags of rags up to the other lot. Took Dexter over to Henry's. 7 Uncle Thomas and Aunt Melvina down here. Elroy Hymers and I back to John Wedge. I got some scunk went Elroy got some turnips. We carried them home. 8 Elroy Hymers and I to Galt. Elroy took up some iron and oats. 9 S.S. in the morning to church (Methodist) at night. 10 Bought a pig from Elroy Hymers. Him and I up to Watty Barns for a setting of hen eggs. Got a setting hen from Moffats. 11 Down to Old David Mains got a setting hen. Got a setting of turkey eggs from Kent Sager. 12 Set my turkey eggs under plymouth rock hen. Got a Post Card. 13. Made a pig pen up to the other place - over to Henry's 14 Almira and I and {George} up to Galt - got my eggs. 15 Over to Mr Rickers hoeing corn & potatoes all day. Desty has been out here four days. 16 S.S. in morning Church at night. 17 Elroy Hymers and I back for a swim. Went back to salt two colts in the afternoon. Ram chased us. 18 Took two hens up to other place. On the roads this afternoon on the sixth concession 19 Set a brown leghorn on hoden eggs 20 for a bath down to the mill pond. Albert got his bicycle. 21 My pig died. Not much of anything. Caught a rat last night. Got two more chickens. 22 Put a screen door on the front on the bie. 23 To S.S. in morning To Methodist Church at night. 24 Cultivating both lots of potatoes. Hoeing corn this afternoon. 25 hoeing corn and potatoes till near night Went out to Destys stayed all night 26 Came from Destys this morning found a snapping turtle. To Peter Humphreys pulling building fence. 27 Working on the roads all day.