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== JANUARY THURSDAY 17 (17-348) 1907 == Weather milder. Snow fall last night I went to Fletcher to see Mr {Mearn?} gas, D {B armstong?} re "{Deary dr"?} & other matters of miner importence == FRIDAY 18 (18-347) == Remember & meet comittee in Chatham I went to Chatham & met Cam & A Biard re {Chunich?} drain report at J G Kerr's office. Reeve got advice on other matters, Reeve, Clerk & myself went to Harrison hall, I got my 1906 statutis {status} from H D Smith C.P. Edgar got some coal 490 lbs & Cinders for walk but could not get Pipe from Park Bros for gas, I saw Mr Woodruff who is to send word to me to deliver pipe

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