File #16520: "William_Shreve_Diary_1907_30.pdf"



== FEBRUARY MONDAY 18 (49-316) 1907 == I went to Chatham for coal 1920 lbs Sent {Kime?} out to Nell Roads softer on top good bottom Gave F Williams beet contract 3 A {acres} to be blocked & thined {thinned} @ $6.00 per A {acre} Went in Evening to see Jule Crow re clover thrashing == TUESDAY 19 (50-315) == Remember to go with sieve to Bradleys to day Edgar & I went to lower place for fodder in morning, Mr Irving Reeve came & we had to go to Chatham re overflow of the Thames River "met county committee the decision was for Com & representatives from each township go to Toronto at a date furnished I went to N Buxton in evening after my return from Chatham got checq {cheque?} for oil lease $15.00 / mo weather mild

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