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Thursday, July 18 (199-166) 1907 I was working in hay forenoon (illegible) and George (illegible) (Illegible) came to measure beet grown west of lane 19 x 27 rods 3 a33 rods East of lane front of house yard 19 x 19 & beside house 15 x 20 1/2 rods total 4a28 rods Total acres in beets 7a61 rods In afternoon I went to Buxton for Ms Baird to level deary drain which (illegible) Robinson did on 17th (Illegible) Mr Widrey application for 25.00 to pay help blocking 4 (illegible) field Friday, July 19 (200-165) I was home all day working in hay Aba & George came with teams to help We finished our hay about 4 o'clock (Illegible) to haul for Aba (Illegible) Clarence & Kenneth went over with teams got in 4 loads