File #16610: "William_Shreve_Diary_1907_116.pdf"



August Tuesday 13 (225-140) 1907 Edgar Clarence and myself helping {illegible} all day thrash {illegible word writtin above a horizontal line} finished his job and moved to Our place in evening. Wednesday 14 (226-139) Thrashed wheat and barley today {80 bu?} in all. {Half} as follows, Ada and George Shreve with 2 teams {Chase?} and stand Black {my?} team {jno?} Shreve, Bert Robbins, jas {illegible}, Henry {illegible}, jas Harris, Herman Henry, G B. Shreves, Bob Willis (for a while). Got through about 5 P.M. and I should of started for Mr Moore {illegible} but got {hung?} in Rice drain bridge {con 6?}. I went over about 11 P.M.{may be 6?} and helped him out.