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October Monday 28 (301-64) 1907 I went in morning to Mr Fletcher's with subpoena re {illegible} commission. Took Dick Newman's jackscrew home {illegible} for noon, special meeting of council re River road improvement {illegible} after noon I {illegible} tenders for 3rd Con bridge, instructed Mr {Whitebread?} to have {dredge?} sent to Prairie siding Came home + went with Edgar to {illegible} M {Burton?} + took train for Chatham at 7 P.M. {illegible} car stranded through bursting of gas main about 3 miles southwest of Chatham we did not reach Chatham till 9.30 P.M. {illegible} Fletcher {illegible} Tuesday 29 (302-63) I was too late to get train or ride home our case adjourned till {friday?} next Nov {illegible} I remained in city at Mrs {Kersey's?} I went to Prairie siding at 8.30 A.M. to start dredge in company with Mr {Whitebread?} returned at noon