File #16986: "Roseltha_Goble_Diary_1857-1858_37.pdf"



Will will meet me in Cleveland and return with me O I should dearly love to go; but how can I. I love my {illegible}'s family so very much; neither have I forgotten "Glorious Old Lexington" as {illegible} {days?} 'tis a beautiful place. I could spend a delightful summer there. 'Tis a pity duty and inclination do not always point one way. Sunday 29th Today Father Newton & I went for a walk we went about two miles through the woods to a Mr. Mabel's they live in a small rough shanty in the woods. I wonder how they got in there for I could not see any way a wagon could possibly be taken in. They seem quite contented and happy. I believe there is far more happiness in some of these backwoods huts than in very many a stately mansion. I like the woods better than the huts. I would like a {illegible} Gothic castle with numberless