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CASH ACCOUNT Sun. 1 Very cold. Walter was busy opening the road this morning. We went to Woolwich church and Sunday school this afternoon. Mon. 2 Very cold. Ella did her walking. Walter was on the road nearly all day and killed a {beef?} tonight. Ansley Lankin called on him and Elmo King was here for supper. Norman Hendson and Irvin Snider visited Vernon this afternoon. Tues. 3 Beautiful day with lovely sunshine. Walter was butchtering at Koepke's today. Callers were Henry Schedwits and Geo. {Schwindt?}. Wed. 4 Snowed this morn-ing. Rained hard all after-noon. Walter went to Creekbaufs this afternoon and killed a {beef?} at Noah Miller's this afternoon. Otto Miller called on Walter. Thurs 5 Cold & stormy. Walter shipped pigs from Elmira for the first {time?} today and got home at 2 p.m. His callers were - Jno. Stangey and Jack Harrington.

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