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CASH ACCOUNT Fri. 20 Fair and cold. Walter butchered a beef this morning and went to {illegible} this afternoon. Ella went along and stayed at {illegible}. {illegible} came there after and stayed at school and we all had supper there. Harvey Schnidt called on Walter. Sat 21. Fine day and somewhat mild. Walter fetched the {illegible} at {illegible} it & I took eight quarters too to Elora. Elora King was here for dinner. Callers - Louis Miller, Nick Hoffer & Edmond Schervindt and Enoch Snider. Sun. 22 Very stormy. It is blowing a mixture. {illegible} and dirt today. No church service in Woolwich on {illegible}. Mon 23. Fair and cold. This has been a remarkable day in the history of the maurer's. Walter was at home all day and had no visitors. Tues. 24 Clean and very cold. Ella did her washing. Walter & Seak Harrington took 2 loads of {illegible} along the morning and Walter went to Ed. Wed. 25 Clear and very cold. Walter took a load of turnips this afternoon. Callers were Lizzie Keaplee, annie Snider, Margaret Beuder and Willie Campbell. Roland Beau was here for tea. Thurs. 26 Cold, wet, wind was blowing. Walter was shipping pig at Elenia today. annie Snider went down week with him and had dinner here. Norman King was here for supper. Walter killed a beef for him.

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