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JANUARY, 1918 Fri. Sun 27 Very cold. Walter butchered at Edmond chevenette today. Sat. Mon 28 Lovely day. Somewhat mildew. Walter has a bad cold. His callers - Willie Campbell, Roland Beau, Conrad Hakins {illegible} and Eva Snider, Edmond Schivendt, Vivion and Kenneth. {illegible} visited King's this afternoon. Sun. Tues 29 Beautiful day. We drove to church with Enochi in the sleigh. Reo. Crawford of new york State preached today. Mon. Wed 30 Beautiful {perfect?} day. Walter went to {Jesicah Bulacher's?} today to fetch some pigs. Walter's callers - noah miller. Tues Thurs 31 another perfect day. Walter went to Kopas pale at Goldetree this afternoon. Callers were - mrs. {Gno?}, n. miller and Edmond Schevindt. Wed. Fri 1 February Cloudy and mild. Rained tonight. We were up to Geo. Snider's pork roast this evening. Born - 20 mr. and mrs. noah miller a daughter {illegible}. Thurs. Sat 2 Snowing and blowing. Waalter was shipping hogs from Elmina, went to St. Jacobs with the train and returned at 2 p.m.

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