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CASH ACCOUNT Fri. Sun 3 Snowing and blowing all day. Walter went down to Waefle's this afternoon. Sat. Mon 4 {Snowflinnie's?} Walter took a load of chopping to Floradale this afternoon. Vivion spent the afternoon at addieno Reisto's. {illgible} Ellen was here for dinner. Sun. Tues 5 Fair. mr & mrs. Otto miller, Laura & norman visited us today and were here for supper & dinner. Mon. Wed 6 Cold. Walter's callers were - nicole Hoffer, Louis and Charlie. Tues. Thurs 7 Cold and windy. Walter butchered a pig for Louis miller's. Callers were - Cecil Jackson and Joe Lawern. Wed. Fri 8 Fair. Some {snowflunnies?}. Ella did her washing today. Walter took 2 loads of turnips to {alma?} today. Thurs. Sat 9 Beautiful spring-like day. Walter shipped hogs from Elmina today and got home after 6 p.m. {Elvho?} King was here for this supper and mr. & mrs. Craig and Julia visited us after supper.

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