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FEBRUARY, 1918 CASH ACCOUNT Fri. Sun 24 Lovely day. Cold and clear. Walter went to Holadale with a load of {chopping?} this afternoon. Sat. Mon 25 Lovely day. Clear and vold. Walter open the day all wating around te evening. it's had this {illegible} at {illegible} for {illegible} at 7.00 p.m. Sun. Tues 26 Lovely day. Clear ad cold. Walter, Ella Vemous went a woof- {illegible} which chirches S.S. This after. Mon. Wed 27 Lovely. Some snow {Flowies?}. Ella did her mailing. Walter opned teh day on the road. opned the mort at the tayed home from ochoal and {illegible} a day after {illegible}.

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