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MARCH, 1918 CASH ACCOUNT Fri Sun 10 Lovely spring day Walter was away all day looking for a house. Also. Smidert went along. Sat Mon 11 Fine weather. Walter went up to Mehlonalds and bought a lay {illegible} named dlora. Nemorn called out Kmig an dLeo. Smidris today. Sun. Tues 12 Lovely day. We went to Woolwirlo church and Sunday School this afternoon. Mon. Wed 13 Fair and mild. Ella did her washing today. Walter went to Elmina monthly fair today Collers were- Me. Fairweather also, Schwindt Solomon Beuder, and Emimerson stangly. Tues. Thur 14 Fair and mild. We butchered a pig for one. Strongly here today

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