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Oct 1900 Nov 30 Henry helped JD's thresh till after 3pm A chored AM they took our teams & Thomas's spring waggon & went to J Byers for a Plow that J bought at the sale @$2.50 Thomas went along & J helped him to drive home 4 head of Cattle that he bought at the sale W. Cloudy drizzly nearly all day rain towards evening pretty steady 31 J helped Jesse Burkholder to move with team from Taylor's to Ceder Grove Henry helped JD's thresh awhile then the Engine gave out (it was D Ramers he & A Chored W. very Cloudy & foggy AM fine & Cler PM A went to Herman's this evening to tell him that we Cannot Thresh until Friday Nov.1 Henry helpful JD's thresh AM J helped R Milroy thresh AM A got horses Chief and Billy Shod AM at Norman Millers he has rented B Elison's shop in Whitevale A took Butter 4 pr Chickens {second page} Nov 1902 to Lewis's the Machine Came about 2 PM this we set it up in the West barn I got Benj'n his Man Flavius & one hand from Thomas's & threshed the Liberty Oats about {blank space} Bus & the Twentieth Century about {blank space} Bus W. fine AM Cloudy & rainy PM pretty wet towards night 2 threshed all the Ligonio Oats about {blank space} Bus they are a very heavy Sample we got done at 4 oclock. W. a very fine Cler Mild day Davids were here to dinner 3 J & Henry helped McCreight till awhile after dinner A helped Benj'n plow AM they began to pull turnips PM then the began to top them I & Anne went to Markham AM W. very fine & Cler mild Sunday 4 all went to Meeting at Hebron's except J & Henry they staid with Susanna remarks by Br C sermon on St Luke part of 10th C by C Gayman.

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