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Nov 1900 drissly east wind rained steady PM there is some Ice forming on the trees 20 A & Henry drained I & J went to SM & ripped some old fence boards to put on the Top of a wire fence at Benj'ns AM J went to Timber Sale at Spencelys PM Henry finished the drain behind Cider house & A went to Unionville with a Bird to get it stuffed we don't know what it is & Dixon was not at home I found it in our Orchard a week ago last Sunday & John Caught it for me it lived until last night. It looks like a small duck, but it has a bill like a Pigeon Some say it is a Diver W. mild Cloudy & foggy all day the boys Picked 6 bags Cider apples after dinner then we turned the cows in the Orchard 21 J made nearly 50 gallons Cider at Lapps AM he brought 500 2 in tiles from Pettys PM A & Henry started a new piece of drain from the lane along south end of Calf Pasture in field behind Cider House W. heavy shower a little hail one Clap of thunder this morning. Clear today {second page} Nov 1900 a few squaals through the day a little thunder again about noon very strong wind all PM going down this evening a lot of fences blown down I helped Br C Stay the stove Pipe with wire in the Hebron Meeting house 22 A & Henry finished the drain J fixed up fence west of lane south of Cider house & pulled out the broken posts along Pickering Townline & took up some new ones I helped Br C to raise the seat in the Preachers Stand in the Hebron Meeting house J & Henry Plowed water furrows this evening A took Butter to Lewis's toward evening W. very fine today some squaal of rain towards evening 23 A helped Benj'n put in drain Henry & J drew off small stones on all the Plowing fields the boys throwed them on the Centre of the lands as they Plowed the last time I took Nancy & Susanna to JD's then I went to Ceder Grove I brought them home again PM W. fine Cler a rather Cool NW wind not strong

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