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Nov 1900 24 A helped Benj'n finish drain AM J & Henry finished fixing fence along Pickering Townline that was blown down till after 10 AM then J went to Nick Reesor's for a road scraper he scraped Pickering Townline PM all the new Grade was badly Cut up with the Traction Engines it fixed it very well A & Henry drew in the last of the feed Corn along East Orchard fence & Plowed in the drains back of Cider House & Cut a lot of feed W. a sharp raw East wind all day began to snow from East after dark. NB's young folks were here after supper Sunday 25 at home all day Henry Mary & Anne went to M Barkeys to supper W. snow from East last night & AM Cloudy PM a little Milder this evening Snow did not amount to much, blowed off 26 J A & Henry split wood for Aunt Lizzy Burkholder AM A took road scraper to Nick Reesor's PM J & Henry Chored W. strong NE wind soft drissly at times {second page} Nov 1900 27 J A & Henry sawed & split a load of 4 foot wood for Aunt Lizzy Burkholder that we sold to her. AM A helped Flavius at drain, Henry plowed a strip Corn stubble East of Orchard where feed Corn was then he & J went to Ceder Grove & to Br S's W. Cler strong wind AM very fine PM JD's young folks were here to supper 28 A helped Flavius finish drain Henry got Mares Jiny & Minnie shod in Whitevale AM they Chored & Cut a Ceder log in old swamp PM & took it to Br S's PM W. strong East wind E Lewis & H Hibbert were here to dinner 29 A & Anne went to Markham & then to Linairs & Paid our Taxes $34.96 they Called at Davids to ask them to help us to Kill Hogs on Tuesday next they saw Herman in Markham & asked him too J brought home the lumber from Mill then he & Henry made a gravel Box AM then A & Henry drew gravel on Pickering Townline PM J drove Benj'ns team there were 8 teams they are working to the north from were it was put on before

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