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Nov 1900 Dec they got some in Collins Pit but quit it & got it in Pettys Pit on the other side of the road I took Butter to Lewis's this evening W. rather Mild & mostly Cloudy 30 Too soft to draw gravel boys Chored AM J went to Timber Sale in the old Tait Swamp A & Henry drove stakes beside Posts along Townline some of the Posts are Sagged or broken I took Susanna for a drive to JD's PM W. fine & Cler a sharp Air Dec 1 A & Henry helped Flavius fix a Box Stall for his young Cold J fixed approach at Bridge on 11th Con & at Bridge near Flavius AM he & A made a stone walk from Pump to gate at Barnyard W. fine mild Herman's Came to stay all night Sunday 2 all went to Meeting at Hebron except J he staid with Susanna remarks by C Burkholder sermon on St John first part of the C by Br C Ada Hare & David Hare's daughter Tilly were here to dinner Benj'n & Aunt Lizzy Burkholder were here PM W. mild Cloudy AM fine & more Cler PM {second page} Dec 1900 3 Boys Chored & brought home some limb wood AM A helped Flavius draw strawstack into barn Henry helped Br S's fix Tumbling dam & J Chored & Plowed back garden PM I & Nancy went to Ceder Grove & Called at Jess Burkholders to see Baby boy Mary was there from Wednesday Morning until yesterday evening W. very fine (like Indian summer 4 Killed our 5 Hogs the whole family helped got done soon after 3 PM W. Cloudy misty mild AM slow steady rain PM rainy yet we got the hogs all cut up before dinner & had the work all inside PM 5 Henry & Adeline helped Davids Kill Hogs J went to J Dinn{illegible} & Came by Br S's & brought Chop home A Cut sumack scrub along where fence was south of bush AM J & A Plowed old Orchard PM W. very fine getting Colder towards evening I salted Pork 6 A & Henry drew stones off fence strip south of bush & began plowing it J took up some tiles in field north of old Orchard & put them in again they were stopped) he took Butter & Eggs to

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