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Dec 1900 Lewis's PM Nancy went with him as far as AB's W. rather Cloudy & Cooler I have very bad Cold in my head 7 Henry & Adeline helped Benj'n Kill Hogs J & A finished Plowing the fence strip AM they straightened some Posts in fence along the Scarboro Townline & took grist Oats to Br S's PM W. some soft snow awhile AM Cleared up PM 8 Boys all with 2 teams helped Flavius Clear up a swale AM J & A Came home at noon Henry stayed J went to Benj'ns to help clean out open ditch it would not work A brought home Chop W. Cloudy Cooler Flavius Fanny & the Children & Ada Hare were here to an early supper Jess Reesor's Children were here to dinner & supper Isaac Reesor brought Pre Abraham Rittenhouse & wife awhile PM Sunday 9 at home all day Adeline, Mary Anne A & Henry went to NB's to dinner W. snow & wind from NWest last night this morning & awhile AM {second page} Dec 1900 Clear awhile then snow again snowing fast now bedtime pretty Cold 10 A got Horses Chief & Billy shod J & Henry Chored AM we had Benj'ns to help Kill 6 Pigs PM then boys brought 3 from Thomas's & dressed them for him W. pretty Cold not very much snow 11 Henry drew gravel 5 loads A filled J went to Toronto with Chief & Billy & Thomas's spring waggon Thomas went with him & took his 3 Pigs they sold @ $7.70 per Cwt W. very fine Cler sharp some squaals of snow PM 12 A & Henry drew gravel 9 loads J went to Ceder Grove AM he went to Albert Hare's sale at Belfour PM he bought a Rocking Chair @ 50 cts Alberts are going to Fort William W. Cler sharp AM squaals of snow PM the roads are wearing down fine Br C Called PM Herman Called yesterday PM a few Minutes 13 A & Henry drew 8 loads gravel J filled AM he took Butter & Eggs to Lewis's PM W. mild strong W. wind AM getting Colder PM very strong wind

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