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Dec 1900 A took Butter & Eggs & Chickens to Lewis's PM W. sharp, Cler Charles Murison was here to supper he has been living in Michigan near 15 years he Comes home every Christmas 28 Boys Cut feed & Chored & took some wood to Meeting house AM they cut wood in bush PM W. pretty sharp Cler some snow last night 29 Boys cut wood in bush AM they split wood in Woodshed PM J went to Ceder Grove PM Edward Moyers were here to dinner W. very fine NW wind Sunday 30 all went to Meeting at Hebron except J & Mary they staid with Susanna remarks by C Gayman Sermon on St Luke part of 2nd C by C Burkholder Levi Burkholder & Menno Burkholder girls Henry Lehman & his 3 sisters were here to dinner & JDs Esther & Jacob to supper Henry Mary & Anne were to Johny Reesors to supper W. sharp AM snowed heavy about {second page} Dec 1900 & Jan 1901 an hour PM over an inch fell 31 Boys drew the last of the strawstack into west barn AM they Chored & A brought home some Chop PM I walked to Flavius PM Karl is not well W. fine AM soft snow awhile PM January 1st 1901 at home J went shooting AM got a rabbit he went again PM & got another A went to Markham PM he went around by Davids they are getting better the little boys had Tonsilitis too Henry went skating PM & this evening J. A. Adeline & Mary & Anne went to Benj'ns to supper I went to Flavius PM Karl is not quite well yet W. Cler sharp good white with snow, good Wheeling 2 A got Horses Chief & Billy shod J went to Burrows Mare Minnie pretty bad last night J & Henry Cut a fallen Basswood into sawlogs in Flavius bush PM I walked to Flavius AM Karl is doing pretty well W. sharp NW wind pretty Cold

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