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Jan 1901 A fitted storm windows in 2 west Kitchen windows PM 3 A & Henry Cut wood J helped awhile AM we Killed 5 Pigs PM Benj'n helped W. Zero this morning Air from East Milder toda J took things to Lewis's 4 A took 5 Pigs (nearly 600 lbs) & 2 Barrels Snow Apples to Toronto he sold Apples @ $1.70 pr Barl Pigs $7.85 per Cwt ( a few were rather fat) Henry helped a Flavius PM they were Chopping grain by steam J Chored at Benj'n (he was in Toronto JD's Jacob & Esther brought Emma Shirk Lena Cressman Otto Smith & Abraham Good all from Wilmot to stay all night W. about 18 deg above Zero snow awhile this Morning 5 A Mary & Anne took the visitors a visiting to Thomas's & Flavius & to Alberts to dinner then to Br S's & Davids to supper then to Abraham Burkholders to stay all night W. a little below Zero this morning went up got warm fine & Cler {second page} Jan 1901 J & Henry Chored Sunday 6 at home, nobody here, W. sharp Cler AM Cloudy PM began to snow after dark very little more snow would make sleighing the roads are very fine & level 7 Boys Chored & brought home a Barrel of Salt from Ceder Grove A & Henry hitched up Mare Rosie PM I took Nancy & Mary to Flavius this morning Mary helped to Butcher Nancy staid too little Eva is sick Dr Came PM he says she is same as Karl was. Karl is better. W. a few in snow last night fair sleighing. mild strong wind through the day Calm this evening I brought Nancy home this evening, Mary staid 8 A & Henry drew 2 Pine logs to Br S's from north of dam ( a tree was blown down AM they drew 4 Basswood logs from Flavius bush PM W. mild Cloudy East wind some rain after dark not raining now I went to Flavius PM Eva is about the same J does not feel well today

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