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Jan 1901 he brought 20 bags Bran for us & 32 bags for Flavius W. quite Mild thawing a little Benj'ns & NB's Called awhile after supper J is about the same 16 Henry & Mary helped Flavius work up a big Hog A chored & went to Ceder Grove & brought home Chop PM I rode with him as far as Flavius W. drissly rain last night & awhile this morning. Cleared up today snow going but it blowed up Colder. This evening is freezing, now it will save the sleighing if it Keeps Cold J was not so well today but he seems better this evening Nancy is not so well this PM 17 A & Henry helped girls Pick 2 pr Chickens & Chored AM A took Butter Eggs and 2 pr Chickens to Lewis's Henry rode with him to SM then walked to Ceder Grove to get some salts Nancy is not so well A went for Dr this evening he Came & says Nancy has La Grippe Herman called PM he took Our light Bob he is going to Toronto tomorrow W. Cler, Sharp, Cold NW wind sleighing pretty good yet 18 A & Henry Chored & brought a load of wood from bush PM W. 4 deg below zero {second page} Jan 1901 this Morning about Zero today 4 below towards evening Flavius & Benj'n Called this morning AB's Called after dinner Dr Called this evening Nancy is doing pretty well he says J is doing well too Thomas Called awhile after supper 19 A & Henry Chored AM A got Horses Chief & Billy shod Henry Cut wood in shed PM W. 11 deg below Zero this Morning not much above all day Flavius & Benj'n Called today nancy was pretty well until after supper when she was taken with Headache & vomiting Henry went to the Dr he Could not Come he has La Grippe he sent some Medicine she has taken one dose is some easier now near 1100 PM, got worse A went to Dr at near 1200 to see if he Could not Come or Telephone for Dr Fred Nancy is very bad. A Came back about 200 AM AB's Lizzie is here all night Sunday 20 Dr Came to Breakfast Nancy is resting better. David & Esther were here to dinner Herman & Benj'n & Flavius's Called PM Br N's Br S's Davids Called too PM. W. Milder strong west wind through the day

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