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Jan 1901 26 A went to Markham to see Dr he had intended to come to see Nancy on Wednesday & has not come yet he said he was sick himself he sent some Medicine. Nancy was up in the Rocking chair awhile AM & awhile PM she seems strong Flavius Children & Jacob Grove J {illegible} were here to supper W. fine Cler sharp JD's Called awhile AM Sunday 27 A Henry Mary & Anne went to Meeting at Hebron I & Adeline staid with Nancy J & Susanna C Burkholder & Matty Cook were here to dinner Matty stays all night Herman's Called PM W. very fine & sharp air a light fall of snow nearly all day it is helping with sleighing. Adeline Mary & Henry went to B Dillers to supper Nancy was up on the Rocking Chair & on the Lounge all day J is beginning to walk to the barn occasionally Susanna is doing very well 28 Boys Chored Henry went to Ceder Grove A took Matty Cook to Benj'ns PM John Lehman's of Mount Joy & Esther Raymond & her little girl were here to dinner. Flavius Fanny & the Children {second page} Jan 1901 Feb were here to supper Flavius Came to after supper W. very fine. NW wind 29 A & Henry sawed {illegible} at Br S's Dr Called this PM he says Nancy is doing well, she was in the kitchen all day sometimes on the Lounge W. fine Cler & sharp 30 A got Horses Chief & Billy shod at Ceder Grove then he & Henry drew home 54 Blocks Ice it is about 15 in thick Br N's Called awhile W. fine & sharp Nettie Burkholder & her Man Alf Ineson Called awhile this evening. they were Married sometime about Christmas 31 Boys brought home last of Ice 16 Blocks then they Packed sawdust around it helped girls Pick Chickens A took Butter Eggs & Chickens to Lewis's PM Henry Mary & Anne went to Davids this evening W. about 4 in snow last night fine & Calm & sharp today sleighing very good. Br C Called awhile AM Nancy doing pretty well J is getting stronger he rode as far as Flavius with the boys this morning Feb 1 A & Henry helped Flavius Cut Ice AM A took one Cord Green Mapple 4 ft wood to Markham to Dr Robinson PM Henry helped Flavius PM

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