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Feb 1901 AB's Lizzie Br N & Esther Diller Called PM: W. Cler sharp I went with A as far as Flavius & walked home Candlemas day 2 Henry helped Benj'n saw wood all day A Chored. Herman's were here to dinner Flavius's Children were here all day T Bishop was here to make out a Bill of stuff for a silo we intend to Build one next summer W. sharp, Clear nearly all day. this was a Holiday throughout the British Empire the Funeral of Queen Victoria took place today. Nancy doing well J had a bad spell last night he is not as well today Sunday 3 M Barkeys & M's Mother & Johny Reesor were here to dinner Henry Mary & Anne went to Peter Reesor to dinner W. sharp east wind strong towards evening, began to snow after dark 4 Boys Chored I went to Hebron to Trustee Meeting there were only myself M Barkey Br N & his son Albert so the three that were appointed last year will serve W. strong wind & snow from east AM wind turned rather north PM {second page} Feb 1901 A went to Ceder Grove PM Br S has La Grippe he is some better 5 A & Henry shelled Corn we had Albert Shiller Herny Adeline & Mary were to Johny Ramer's to supper Mrs Burrows Called Flavius & Benj'ns Called this Morning W. Cold strong N Wind roads drifted some East & west 6 Boys chored shelled a little Corn J had a bad spell at dinner time A went for Dr he Came this evening he Changed his Medicine W. pretty Cold a little below Zero this Morning 7 A Oiled Harness Henry Picked Chickens & gave J a drive in the Cutter he stood it well Henry took Butter Eggs & Chickens to Lewis's PM I rode with him as far as Br S's he is getting better W. a good deal Milder Cloudy A Henry Mary & Anne took a sleigh load of Our Neighbours to Mount Joy singing school this evening 8 We cut some feed then A took grist Chop to Br S's AM A took J to see Dr he says he is doing well they Came by Davids little Lewis is not very well Esther has Grippe too

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