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Feb 1901 is some better Henry Adeline Mary & Anne went to Herman's to supper Mrs Pilkey was here to supper W. very fine & Cler Feb 9 Boys Oiled Harness second time (the long tug set) A & Henry went to Ceder Grove & brought home some chop from Br S's W. strong NEast wind & snow from 6 AM untill nearly evening. not very Cold, roads not drifted much Sunday 10 Henry Adeline & mary went to Benj'ns to dinner & to Jacob Reesor's to supper W. Zero this morning 20 deg above at noon a little snow in the air PM 11 Henry was a at Benj'ns all day. A chored AM he went to Kennedys Bee Cutting Ice PM I & J were at Flavius PM with T Bishop to Consider about overhauling the barn W. trees frosty this morning, rather sharp air all day 12 A & Henry sawed & split the big Maple tree near the townline fence in field south of bush into 4 foot wood AM (they Cut it down a few days ago) they went to Flavius PM and helped him to hitch up his young Mare she goes very well {second page} Feb 1901 W. pretty Cold, strong NWest wind there was some fresh snow and the air was full of it all day, roads drifted John Mapes 91 year old was buried today he died in Boxgrove 13 Boys Chored, brought a load of wood from bush & cut some feed A wne to Markham for Medicine for J PM he went around by Davids little Lewis is doing well Henry Chored PM W. very strong N Wind 3 deg below Zero this morning not much above this evening windy yet 14 A & Henry helped girls Pick 2 pr Fowls & took Butter Eggs & Fowls to Lewis's AM they went to Colon Reesors Sale PM it was Postponed untill the 22nd on account of bad weather W. a very strong Cold N Wind last night all day not quite so strong PM 3 deg above Zero this morning 15 above this evening the East & west roads badly blocked about the roughest day we have had this winter 15 boys Chored Henry & J went to Ceder Grove AM we cut feed & Chored PM Jacob Diller & Esther were here after supper W. Milder fine & Cler 16 A & J got some boards at SM & took them to D Ramers to get them dressed AM A Chored PM J feels pretty well now Henry & Mary drove to Norway

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