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Feb 1901 I went to Toronto on Trolleys, Herman was here to dinner David Called after dinner ( he was at Thomas's) W. very fine mild & Cler he took Susanna with him Sunday 17 a & Nancy went to see Grandma Hoover & Peter they are both sick with La Grippe I have lame back the last few days. Ada Hare was here to dinner Benj'ns were here PM W. very fine & Cler up to 30 deg at noon a little Cloudy PM 18 A took a Cord of first Class green wood to Markham to Dr Robinson I & Henry & Benj'n Cleaned 25 bags wheat AM took Pork out of Brine & A & Henry gathered and brought home a load of wood PM A took a sample of wheat to Locust Hill this evening W. very fine & Mild thawing some Henry took Adeline Mary & Anne to Flavius before supper A went to bring them home after supper 19 A took 54 Bus 20 lbs Dawson Wheat to Locust Hill AM @ 66 cts he took 50 Bus PM @ 66 cts Henry helped Benj'n get out a few logs then Benj'n helped us to Clean Wheat AM {second page} Feb 1901 J took mare Bonnie to get shod at Ceder Grove AM Nancy went with him as far as AB's W. rather sharp NW wind not strong flurries of snow PM 20 A & Henry Chored & helped Flavius weigh some live hogs AM Henry went to Goodyear's sale on 9th Markham with Flavius PM A went to Markham PM to Dr he is getting something to cure Asthma W. sharp NW wind all day I went to Flavius PM 21 Boys helped girls Pick Chickens cut feed & A took Oats to Br S's AM A mended Harness & Henry took Butter Eggs & Chickens to Lewis's PM J went to Locust Hill for Money for Wheat AM he is pretty well these few days W. sharp Cler AM flurries of snow PM the little flurries of snow patch the sleighing very well 22 I & Henry Cleaned last of Wheat about 11 bus & the 20th Century Oats A wheeled the Oats out of west barn on bag Truck the dust of the grain gives him the Asthma J scrapped away he is pretty well just now David's & Russel Came to dinner Lewis is not well enough to Come yet Br inlaw Simon Hoover's Came to supper

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