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Sunday 10 at home Henry Adeline & Mary went to Meeting at Widemans they went to Davids to dinner W. rather Cloudy this morning East wind strong AM very strong PM sleet & rain at times trees covered with Ice, good sleighing 11 Boys cleaned a lot of seed Oats and A & Henry helped Flavius fix one of his Pumps J & Anne went to Markham PM J is doing pretty well. Anne has La Grippe is not very bad W. Milder last night Ice all off the trees this morning a little drissly AM a little snow PM Colder this evening 12 Boys drew out some logs that they cut in old bush some of them were in bad position to saw we had a Sawing Bee PM about 20 hands altogether Herman's were here to dinner Davids came soon after dinner but they did not bring the little boys W. sharp west wind Cler, good sleighing. {second page} March 1901 13 Henry split wood A went to Claremont with sleigh to try to buy some sheeting for Silo & got none they had none Cut they begin to Cut in May he got back at noon. Stonehouse put up a National Milk Separator for us today we Can have it awhile on trial to buy it @ $80.00 if it gives satisfaction W. Strong East wind AM began to snow from East PM I went to Ceder Grove AM 14 Boys shoveled snow around the house & took a grist A helped Benj'n Kill a Pig AM A took Butter Eggs & a young Calf to Lewis's PM W. quite a deep snow on the ground north & south roads drifted in place. Some soft snow all day more or less. pretty mild 15 Boys drew some logs to SM. Herman was here to dinner he exchanged about 40 Bus of Oats for seed Elias & Joseph Barkey brought Emma Gibner to visit they were to supper W. rather Cloudy pretty sharp 16 A & Henry helped Flavius draw sand from Tweedies with teams J went PM to see how Ruhana Drudge is she has been Bleeding at the Lungs different times latly

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