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March 1901 She seemed pretty well today W. sharp last night & all day fine & Cler thawing a little in the sun very good sleighing Sunday 17 I & Nancy went to Benj'ns to dinner W. fine squaal of snow AM Clered up thawed som in the sun PM 18 Boys drew dung on field south of barn AM drew 4 Ceder logs out of the Old Shank Swamp to Br S's PM I & Nancy went to JH Ramer's to dinner W. very fine & Mild thawing the sleighing is thin in places 19 A Adeline & Anne went to Davids to a rag sewing Bee Henry went to Flavius to go to Herman's Sawing Bee but they did not go it was too stormy Snow last night & nearly all day wind from East all day. Mild J & Henry sawed some of the Scantling for the Silo frame PM 20 Boys went to the Shank swamp AM to Cut a Ceder but it was not good. they sawed scantling PM W. Strong East wind drizzling rain PM thawing {second page} Mar 1901 21 Boys skinned a sheep Cleaned the Henhouse & Sawed Scantlings AM A went to J Burrows' Sawing Bee PM Henry Sawed Scantlings PM W. a very little snow & frost last night below freezing point all day J took Butter & Eggs to Lewis's PM very fair sleighing yet 22 A & Henry drew dung south of bush AM J went to J Thom's sale on the old Thomas Wood place I & A went to Markham PM I got a new pair of spectacles at RA Mason's @ $1.50 W. very fine & Cler sharp Air very fair sleighing yet. J bought a string of Bells & 2 Horse Brushes @ 20 cts 23 A & Henry finished drawing dung AM they chored PM & A brought home some Chop J went to Hermans to dinner W. fine & Cler thawing PM. sleighing going Sunday 24 All went to Meeting at Hebron except J & Mary staid with Susanna remarks by C Burkholder Sermon on St Luke part of 10 C Br C Joseph Graves were here to dinner J Adeline Anne & A went to Flavius to supper W. rather Cloudy mild & thawing sleighing about gone Creek hig. a good few Buggies at Meeting

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