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March 1901 25 Boys drove through some banks out the Townline, with waggon to make the track on the turnpike the road was along the fence part of the way then A got 4 shoes set at the Ceder Groves shop (A Clemdenig's) AM then he went to John Milroys sawing Bee & Henry went to Herman's sawing Bee PM W. Cloudy Mild all day East wind snow going fast 26 Boys fixed up one drum of our land roller they put in about one half new staves AM they all went to Uncle Josephus Reesor's Sale PM J bought swill Barrel @ 20 cts W. rain till about 10 AM pretty Cler Mild PM a pretty heavy thunder shower last night 27 A & Henry split wood in bush AM they went to T Coxworths Sawing Bee PM W. Cold NW wind all the day freezing tonight 28 A & Henry finished splitting wood AM A took Butter & Eggs to Lewis's Henry Chored & J went to T Hunter's Sale on the 7th Con Pickering with Thomas PM he bought a 3 spring waggon in pretty good Condition @ $3.50 W. Cold NW wind there is lots of snow yet on the 7th Con, all Came in sleighs to the sale. Thomas went with spring waggon Ketura was here awhile PM {second page} Mar 1901 April 29 A & Henry Cut summer wood in old bush, there were 17 Wild Geese down on our Meadow this PM A & J went for Br S's David & Thomas David has a Good Rifle he fired 3 shots among them but did not Kill any W. frost last night Cold NW wind Cler thawing some though the day 30 Boys split a lot of Posts in Shank swamp AM J & A went to Markham PM Henry drew 2 loads Pine roots from 5th Con near Flavius fence PM W. Cler Cold NW wind Amelia Ernest & Carl were here to dinner Sunday 31 at home Ada Hare was here to dinner W. Cler Cold NW wind thawing some April 1 A & Henry Piled Wood in old bush they also tapped 9 trees sap runs well I tapped in door yard & Nancy boiled 2 qts Molasses by adding some sugar J went to Herman's PM to ask him to bring some nails from Toronto he is going on Wednesday Br C Calle awhile PM W. very fine & Cler. Cold wind from north 2 Boys sowed clover seed on Fall Wheat this morning then they brought big load Pine roots from Flavius & brought home the sap from bush there was a big run I boil in the shop & Nancy finished on the stove She made 2 qts more today

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