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April 1901 W. N East Wind sap run prety well froze last night thawing today rain this evening J went to Wonches sale in Whitevale PM he bought a Bureau @ $2.30 Andrew Reesor Called at noon he is taking the Dominion Census 3 Boys Clipped Horses feet & legs and Chored AM Henry helped Flavius draw in logs at SM A took Butter to Lewis's PM W. soft snow last night & AM, drizzly rain PM 4 Henry got Mares Minnie & Jenny shod at Clendennings Ceder Grove then he went around by Whitevale & brought home the Bureau that J bought J got Mare Bonnie shod too. AM A Chored AM J & A went to Glenennings Sale on 3rd Con Scarboro Henry went to Meet Herman at Armadale to bring home our Nails Herman bought the Nails but did not bring them the roads were too heavy I boiled sap in shop Nancy finished on Stove W. fine mild a slight drissle at noon Good Friday 5 all went to Meeting at Hebron except J & Adeline they staid with Susanna remarks & Sermon on St Mark part of 15 C by Br C Davids were here to dinner with their little boys {second page} April 1901 little Lewis is fine & smart W. a little frost last night trees dripping Cloudy AM Cler PM Benj'ns were here PM Ketura was here to supper 6 A & Henry brought a load sawdust & finished covering Ice Henry went to Flavius Sawing Bee PM J went to Markham got some Medicine for Nancy & Paid a Balance at Moore's the Pump Maker's I & Nancy made over 4 qts Molasses W. East wind Cloudy all day, sharp Air Easter Sunday 7 I & Nancy went to Br S's to dinner Amelia Ernest & Carl were here to dinner & supper & stay all night Jesse Burkholder's were here to supper Tillie Burkholder & Nettie Called PM W. fine & Cler sharp wind from north Easter Monday 8 at home Flavius Herman's & Benj'ns were here to dinner & supper the girls had a quilting David's Could not Come it was took Cold for little Lewis There was a cold raw wind from the north squaals of snow AM 9 A & Henry sawed & split wood J sorted 3 Barrels of Russets AM he brought home some Chop from Br S's PM W. strong N Wind all day, Milder 10 J & A went to Toronto 3 Barrels Russets @ $2.50 26 1/2 Bus Oats @ 34 cts they brought out 9 Kegs nails for us & Flavius & 3 Kets for Andrew Dimma @$2.45 per Keg for 3 in $2.35 for 4 in & $2.75 for shingle nails

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