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April 1901 Henry took the last of our Wheat about 11 Bus to Spinks Exchanged for Flour AM he sawed wood PM W. very fine & Cler but a strong N wind mild 11 J A & Henry drew lumber & Timber from Br S's to Flavius AM J took Butter & Eggs to Lewis's he took Susanna as far as Br C's A & Henry sawed & split some wood & finished a long new ladder PM W. very fine & Cler but a Cool N wind the wind has been in the north a long time the roads are good some teams are working on the fields A & Henry drove Mare Rosie in Cart awhile PM 12 Henry helped Flavius Plow & scrape the Cellar for Addition to the barn J went to Markham for some Medicine for himself he got some in the druggists some of (Pieces) A has lame back he strained himself the other day lifting timbers at the sawmill I went to Burrows this morning to get more Powders for Mare Bonnie she has something like the {illegible} since Monday W. very fine & Cler, wind in the East {second page} April 1901 13 J & Benj'n grubbed in big field AM Henry helped Benj'n Man D March hitch up a Colt AM he went well J sowed 8 bags Ligones Oats PM Henry Plowed in furrows east of dam & harrowed after J PM the ground works well A has lame back it is getting better W. very fine & Cler wind in the east Sunday 14 at home Henry Adeline & Mary went to Benj'n Stover's to dinner Aunt Lizzy Burkholder was here to supper W. Cloudy all day East wind went down without rain 15 I & A & Henry drew in last of our logs at SM this morning 17 then Henry went to help to Move Ineson's house at Belford J & A finished sowing big field & began East of dam I took Susanna to Benj'ns with Mare Bonnie she is getting better I drove her to Ceder Grove PM & then brought Susanna home again W. fine Cler Mild roads like June 16 A & Henry sowed in field East of dam with Ligano Oats J took Cow Silvia to Freemans AM then he drove one team & I & Henry took away lumber at SM PM I went to Clods & brought 2 doz suckers @ 3cts per Doz

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