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April 1906 May The Fall Wheat was winter Killed in places but it is Picking up fine 30 A & Henry went to Flavius but Came home again Ellis Came about 9 Oc so Henry went after dinner to help they dug Some garden & dug up some Maple & Ash trees in our bush AM J & A planted them PM from the Graveyard south to the Corner W. warm drizzly rain at times I have very lame back May 1 Henry helped at Flavius A drew stone off root ground & began ganging J went to Ceder Grove AM with Mare Bonnie AM she is pretty near better he drilled a big stone on root ground & fired it off he had David Reesor's drill he took it to BSS at Ceder Grove & got it sharped & left it at Davids again W. Cloudy AM very fine & Cler PM My back very lame J & A took a load of Stones to Flavius from out root ground this Morning & brought home Chop 2 J helped awhile at Flavius AM he took Butter & Eggs to Lewis's PM Henry ganged in root ground PM Nancy & A went to Markham & to Davids to dinner then went to see Grandmother PM she is quite smart W. fine Shower early this Morning Cler & warm today my back is lame yet {second page} May 1901 3 A sowed barley East of Creek & East of Orchard AM J brought about 9 Barrles of lime from Markham PM Henry ganged in root ground & Harrowed barley which finishes our seeding what he had sowen before the rain is all green & growing fine. W. Cool N wind fine & Cler back lame yet 4 Henry Made Mangel drills about 3 Acres on east side of field behind Cider House J sowed them with Mare Bonnie she is about all right A rolled the barley below house & north of Orchard I Cut some Potatoes & we planted them along the lane in some short Mangel drills W. ver fine but Cool wind. Mary Came home from U Drudges. She thinks she must go back again on Monday Ruhana is no better the little boys are all right Sunday 5 at home Henry Mary & Anne went to Meeting at Widemans Br S's were here to dinner Ada Hare was here PM W. very fine growing day. Cool wind AM very fine & warm PM 6 J finished rolling Henry drew stone at Flavius with Mare Bonnie & stone boat they dug garden till noon

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