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May 1901 I went to Flavius AM & gave him the money to Pay the mason Ellis for building the wall he finished on Wednesday then I went to Ceder Grove W. fine rain last night Cloudy awhile then, Cler & warm distant thunder PM Cooler this evening Sunday 12 I & Nancy went to JD's to dinner W. Cool & Cler AM dark & heavy squaals Came up PM a little distant thunder pretty strong wind pretty heavy showers 13 J & Henry Chored & Pulled off some Caterpillers AM Henry sowed feed Corn in west part of field behind Cider house & south of bush PM I went to Ceder Grove for Seed Corn AM Adeline Mary went to Markham PM W. Cool N wind Cler. A brought 700 Hemlock from Ratcliffs @ $10.00 per M 14 Boys pulled down old fence along north end of Calf pasture & dressed a lot of round rails to make a straight fence along there I & Nancy went to McN's to dinner W. Cler but Cool very fine PM Herman's were here to dinner today 15 Boys put in the posts & finished the fence I brought home Chop they plowed & raked the back garden PM {second page} May 1901 I took Susanna to JD's & went to Ceder Grove AM & brought home $6.00 worth of sugar Granulated @ 21 lbs for lb $ Cooking 23 lbs I & Anne Started after 2 PM & went to Reesors flats & got a fine mess of Mushrooms & Called at JD's & brought Susanna home W. very fine day a white frost last night I don't think there was any damage done Thomas Called this morning & took Nancy with him she Came home after dinner she says they have a young son Ascension day 16 all went to Meeting at Hebron except J he took Butter & Eggs to Lewis's (Susanna went too) remarks & sermon on Acts part of 1st C by Br C Johny Reesor's & Daniel Ramer & his son Martin were here to dinner Davids were here to supper. W. very fine 17 Henry went to Herman's to fill dung A went to Benj'ns to help to plow & scrape the big ditch from Boyds line south he helped awhile then rain stopped them A cut seed Potatoes PM J & Benj'n staked off some more grading on Pickering townline PM I & Nancy Called at Thomas's PM to see the little boy he is doing well we also Called at Flavius little Eva is not well W. a few fine showers through the day a sharp heavy clap of thunder at bedtime no rain before or after it & no more thunder

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