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May 1901 18 Boys Plowed on Pickering Townline with one team AM A & Henry helped at Flavius with team PM to Clear out the new barn Cellar J got Horses Chief & Billy shod at Ceder Grove PM I took Susanna to Flavius PM & brought her home again I went to Rouge near Scarboro School house & caught a small mess of Chubs AM W. very fine day Flavius Reesor Called Sunday 19 all went to Meeting at Hebron except J & Susanna Sermon on St Mat 26 & 27 C's by C Gayman & Br C Lords supper was Celebrated no visitors A & Henry Adeline Mary & Anne went to JD's to supper W. a drizzly rain & East wind all AM not heavy Cleared up after dinner slight rain PM 20 A & Henry worked at Flavius all day pulling out granery & building a wall in front of new Cellar I & J took a grist Chop to Br S's & brought a load of Maple lumber to Flavius' PM W. drizzly rain AM Cleared up PM fine & warm 21 A & Henry straightened Posts & fixed fence along Scarboro townline west of lane AM J took Susanna to Herman's & left her to stay awhile then he went to Claremont {second page} May 1901 to see H White about some Ceder sheeting to sheet silo we Can get it at $20.00 per M. we do not Know if we will take it W. strong East wind prety Cler 22 Boys Chored & worked in shop A & Henry made 2 small stands W. slow drizzling rain from East till about 4 PM I got some Mushrooms on Pickering & Scarboro townline A got a lot on 5th Scarboro Close fog this evening very growing weather the crops are growing very fast the grass is very large the fall Wheat is mostly good 23 Henry helped Benj'n fix fences A began fixing old waggon Wheels he is going to Cut them down to Make Trucks out of our old Waggon & will bolt inch maple on each side of the spokes J went to see Bishop AM I took Butter & Eggs to Lewis's AM I & Nancy went to M Barkeys for some Plants PM W. very warm showers went around north PM 24 Victoria Day (So Called in Memory of our late gracious Queen) A worked at Truck wheels Henry helped Benj'n at fences till awhile after dinner J went to Ceder Grove AM W. Cloudy AM began to drizzle at noon drizzly nearly all PM a little Cooler East wind

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