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June 1901 8 A & Henry helped Carpenters J scuffled Mangels & I & he asked hands to raise addition to Flavius barn on Monday PM W. very strong Cool wind going down this evening Sunday 9 I & Nancy went to Meeting at {illegible} remarks by Br C Sermon on St John part of 5 C by Bishop Christian Schaum from Indiana went to Widow Susan Widemans to dinner then we Came home W. very fine Cler & Cool, rather strong wind from NW we did not get very cold 10 A & Henry helped Carpenters at Flavius they stripped the shingles & took the roof off J brought big load of shingles home we thought we could use them in the Smokehouse & shop but they were not very good we all went to Flavius PM we raised the {illegible} after 3 PM W. very very fine & Cler J & A started about 5 PM & went to Markham station & brought 1000 ft Tamerac sheeting for our Silo Bishop gets it from Lindsay @ $18.00 per M 11 A helped Carpenters all day J grubbed field Corn with drill & harrowed potatoes Henry Chored AM he & Flavius brought 100 quarter thousand shingle Bunches from {second page} June 1901 west of Markham we got them from Bishops they had them delivered there to shingle a building & ours did not come to the station so they gave us them to put on Flavius barn W. very fine & warm, like showers going around 12 A helped Carpenters all day Henry & D March (Benj'ns Man) thinned Mangels AM then Henry helped Carpenters PM J & I Made a drill for sweet potatoes & J helped awhile at Mangels AM he topped thistles PM he took Mary to Dr after supper. She has Eczema on her feet & legs I & Nancy took a drive to Geo Davidsons to see when the road Machine is Coming to Grade on Pickering townline. they intend to come on Friday. W. very warm & Cler 13 A & Henry helped Carpenters J went to bring a few more squares shingles & took 6 Bunches to exchange the boys brought 2nd Class is a mistake he grubbed a road when they Plowed a few weeks ago then he grubbed the Turnip ground I took Butter & Eggs to Lewis's AM Ruhana Drudge & her Boys Benjamin & Levi were here to supper she is still able to be up & around W. very warm Distant thunder tonight I brought little Eva with me Nancy & I took her home this evening

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