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June 1901 14 Henry helped Carpenters A helped with team on Road Machine till about 1/2 past 3 PM then he thinned Mangels J thinned Mangels he helped Carpenters PM W. very warm thunder showers in the distance 15 J A & Henry helped Carpenters AM they very nearly finished shingling they sowed our turnips & thinned some Mangels PM I went to Ceder Grove AM W very fine & Cooler I must add that Davids Esther & the little boys Came after we were in bed to stay all night Sunday 16 we all intended to go to Meeting at Hebron except J he took a bad spell so Nancy Susanna & Henry staid with him remarks by C Gayman Sermon on Romans part of 5th C by Bishop Christian Schaum from Indiana. Bishop Schaum his daughter Anne Jacob Troscel & wife from Wayne Co Ohio C Burkholder & wife Johny Burkholder& wife Pre C Gayman wife & daughter David Burkholder Suzie Sprague Ada Robinson & mary & Tenie Robinson were here to dinner. Casper Wideman & his sister Lizzie Detailer from Michigan were here to supper W. fine Cool Cler {second page} June 1901 17 I & Nancy & Anne went to Br inlaw Enos Hoovers to dinner Boys thinned Mangels AM A & Henry helped Benj'n PM J Chored & went to Ceder Grove PM W. warm cloudy this morning Clered up PM thunder showers went around 19 A & Henry helped Benj'n at Mangels till about 4 PM J grubbed Corn PM I & Nancy & Susanna went to Cobers PM they were not at home W. a very fine steady shower this morning fine & Cler tody 20 Henry Chored A wne to help Benj'n J & Mary went to Markham AM J took 5 bags Oats to Br S's & took Butter & Eggs to Lewis's PM A & Henry Chored PM W. Cloudy this Morning began to rain slow & steady about 8 AM rained till noon warm PM Beef ring started this morning B Diller's wife & Children were driving west on our Townline this evening the Horses got frightened at a Poney & turned & upset the Buggy & threw them out they were not badly hurt the Buggy was broken more or less

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