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June 1901 21 A drew gravel for statute labor from Collins Pit onto Pickering Townline J is Pathmaster Henry Chored and finished thinning Mangels I & Nancy went to B Dillers after dinner they are not badly hurt I brought home 6 bags Chop W. very fine & warm shower went around PM 22 Henry filled gravel AM A put Paris green on late Potatoes with Blower they are fast coming up & they are nearly Covered with old Bugs (in places) A went to J Smith Barn raising on the old Break Homestead Henry & Ann went to Markham PM J Chored & Cut weeds PM W. air from east thunder Clouds in the North went all PM pretty heavy thunder & heavy rain after supper Sunday 23 I & Nancy went to Meeting at Altona remarks by C Burkholder Sermon on St Mat Part of 15 C by Br C went to Menno Burkholder to dinner & to Jos Burkholder's to supper) that is David's son he lives with them) Henry Adeline & Anne were in Meeting too W. very fine {second page} June 1901 24 A & Henry sprouted & bagged 18 bags Potatoes J scuffled some Mangels AM I went to Ceder Grove AM W. Cler & warm A Shank was here to dinner he Peddles small whitefish 25 A & Henry mowed some swail hay on the Jacob Reesor farm Thomas gave it to us. AM they bagged 2 more bags of Potatoes & cut some Thistles we killed 2 Pigs after supper J took Mare Bonnie & got her shod on hind feet I went along as far as Br S's to fish but they did not bite W. very very warm, a slight shower this Morning 26 Henry cut thistles in Pasture J went to see Carpenters to Come to Flavius to fix granary then he scuffled Potatoes till noon he Chored & turned hay at Cravens PM A went to Toronto 20 bags Potatoes @ 30 cts per bag 2 Pigs 129 & 132 @ 9.75 per Cwt Christian Brillinger & wife were here to supper. W. very warm 27 A worked at Flavius laying Mow floor J & Henry grubbed Corn with Seeder W. very very warm fully 90 deg in shade Thomas & Anne Diller Came home from Missouri today at noon

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