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July 1901 Herman's were here to supper we sent our Butter & Eggs to Ceder Grove with Herman's this evening E Lewis has sold his farm & Kennedys will take our stuff to Toronto to Lewis's in the future 5 Henry Blowed Paris Green on late Potatoes A Scuffled Mangels untill about 9 AM when a fine rain stopped them A & Henry went to Flavius to work at silo Henry worked till evening A came home & worked at Truck wheels J went to Hermans I & Nancy & Susanna went to Isaac Reesor's PM & staid to supper W. the rain soaked the dust nicely it was rather Cloudy PM, nice & Cool & East wind this evening heard today that Uncle Saml Reesor was found dead in his bed this morning a thunder storm going around at bedtime 6 Boys Scuffled Potatoes & Corn Henry Blowed Paris Green on late Potatoes A mowed about 2 Acres in Meadow PM I brought home 5 bags. Chop AM & Blacked our single Harness Flavius Children & Drudges Boys were here eating Ice Cream this evening W. not so warm AM warmer PM heavy rain at night {second page} July 1901 Henry raked the hay that J cut on Thursday Sunday 7 we all went to Funeral of my Uncle Samuel Reesor he was Buried in the Graveyard at Ceder Grove a young man by the name of Hallman spoke on Rev 14 C 13 V Br inlaw Saml Hoover & JD's Thomas & Anne were here to dinner M Barkeys boys JD's Jacob & Esther & Peter's Jacob & Elisabeth were here PM Barkeys boys went home the rest staid to supper W. very fine some light drizzle of rain 8 I Commenced Teaching German in Hebron Meeting House today I had 17 Pupils to begin with Boys Scuffled Corn with 2 Scufflers awhile A Mowed the most of the Meadow Henry got NB's Tedder & ran it over a lot of the Meadow W. very fine & Cler, not very warm MN's Sarah was here to dinner she brought Enos's 2 boys to school E Lewis was here to dinner 9 I taught school Boys finished cutting Meadow & drew in 10 loads D March (Benj'ns Man) helped PM. W. very fine & Cler Adeline & Anne went to Markham AM little Russell is staying here & goes to school

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