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July 1901 10 A & Henry scuffled Corn awhile with two Scufflers AM then they helped Benj'n till noon. they drew in 5 big loads hay PM D March helped J went to Saml Reesors barn raising PM I taught school W. very warm 80 deg 11 A got Horses Chief & Billy shod Henry Scuffled Corn then they drew in Henry helped Benj'n PM J & A drew in loads hay PM I taught school & went to Ceder Grove with Butter & Eggs after school W. prety warm, cler, Cloudy this morning Joe Wideman came about bedtime to stay all night 12 J cut swail east of young Orchard Henry put Paris Green on Potatoes. A mowed along fences in swail A helped Flavius J & Henry drew in hay rakings PM W. pretty warm Jess Reesor's wife & Esther Ming{illegible} were here to supper 13 A helped Flavius all day J & Henry got 2 Posts in Shank swamp & run Mower over old Orchard to cut rubbish that grew up in it AM then Henry helped Flavius PM I & J brought in {second page} July 1901 good load of hay out of swail east of young Orchard W. pretty warm I went to Ceder Grove AM Sunday 14 all went to Meeting at Hebron except J remarks by Br C Sermon on St Luke part of 6 C by C Burkholder Herman's were here to dinner Ada Hare & Flavius Children & Russell to supper & Br C & Becca were here to supper too Russell stays again to go to school W. very warm 15 A helped Flavius all day Henry Mowed fence Corners AM he helped Benj'n PM J took grist Oats to Br S's AM he scuffled Potatoes PM. W. very very warm about 90 deg MN's Sarah was here to dinner Danl Ramer brought his son Martin to board here to go to school 16 Boys Scuffled Mangels AM they gathered & took in some fence Corner hay & hoed Mangels PM W. very very warm I think the warmest yet thunder shower went around N East 17 Boys hoed Mangels AM J A & Henry Mary & Anne went to a Gathering of the Reesor family near Locust Hiil it is now 100 years since my Great Grandfather Came to Canada from Pennsylvania & took up his land

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