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July 1901 there were about 400 present nearly all connected to the Reesor's W. warm a thunder shower went around N East 18 Boys Cut Barley south of garden & began Cuting Fall Wheat W. warm yet not quite as warm as it has been Br C Came this morning with David Reesor from Clarence County N.Y. he staid until school time Mary & Anne brought Susanna home from Johny Reesor's she has been there the last few days 19 Boys Cut the most of the fall wheat Herman was here to dinner he went to Spinks for Bran J went with him Davids came this evening for Russell Danl Ramer Came for Martin W. quite a bit Cooler 20 Boys finished Cutting fall wheat AM they cut swail in Wheat field PM W. very warm again Sunday 21 girls & A got nearly to go to Meeting at Altona then it began to thunder in NE there was a fine shower of rain then they waited awhile & went to Joseph Burkholders to dinner & to Menno Burkholders to supper {second page} July 1901 I & Nancy & Susanna went to Benj'n Stovers to dinner W. Cloudy AM pretty warm PM the shower this Morning just laid the dust 22 A fixed Binder Canvas J & Henry Cut swail around young swamp Am they cut Barley East of Creek & east of old Orchard PM & brought in a load of the swail hay that they Cut on Saturday W. pretty warm Cooler after Sunset I took 5 bags grist to Br S's this morning & I & Nancy went to Ceder Grove this evening & brought Chop home 23 Henry got Mares Jenny & Minnie shod on Fore feet A finished hoeing Mangels AM then they brought in the last of the swail hay & 4 loads barley south of house W. very warm about 90 deg J went to see Bishop to Come & sheet up the silo 24 A & Henry pitched some dung to get room to build a straw stack & brought in 2 loads barley AM A laid floor in new mow at Flavius & Henry helped Flavius draw in Barley & Wheat PM W. very warm nearly 90 I took Susanna to JD's this morning & brought her home this evening

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