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Aug 1901 Grand mother & Peter's were here to dinner Anne taught at school in my place PM because Grand mother was here I took Nancy & Susanna to Flavius's & brought Chop home Aug 2 J finished cutting Knoll then he took our horses & Benj'ns Binder & cut for Benj'n Till night A & Henry finished drawing wheat 4 loads then shocked Oats this was my last day teaching school Danl Ramer came this evening and took his son Martin home W. very fine. Cool wind raining slow this evening 3 Henry helped R Milroy thresh AM Benj'n helped at McCreights for us PM A & J gathered sheaves with forks AM Flavius Man W. Booth helped A finish shocking Oats PM I asked hands to help us to thresh on Monday AM I & J drew in 2 loads Mixed grain PM W. cooler fine wind from NW Henry Mary & Anne started about {second page} Aug 1901 3 PM to go some where near Almira to stay all night Sunday 4 at home David Reesor's were here to dinner & Flavius's were here to supper W. very fine cler & cool a very fine day 5 had Saml Reesor with his machine to thresh AM threshed 4 hours about 140 Bus fall wheat about {blank space} Bus Mixed grain & about 250 Bus barley Henry helped Benj'n thresh PM I & A took in 7 loads Oats PM. W. very fine day not so warm 6 we drew in 4 loads Oats AM Flavius & his man helped PM with team we took in 14 load Oats PM which makes 25 loads out of big field T & W Bishop & Avery Degees came this morning to sheet up the silo about 9 O clock Avery Degees fell about 14 feet & hurt his feet so that he could not stand the board that he stood on feel on J's head & cut his forehead open about 1 1/2 in he seems all right again I brought home some chop PM W. fine & not so warm wind from East a little like rain I forgot to say that we got 5 sacks of timothy seed out of the wheat and there is still some in the wheat

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