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Aug 1901 I & Nancy went to Herman's to dinner Mare Bonnie is pretty lame yet at starting W. fine, but warm driving to the north better coming home 14 Henry ganged in Oat Stubble back of Orchard AM J went to J Dimma's AM Henry took 4 bags of Wheat to FK Reesor's & got flour PM A took 89 1/2 Bus Oats to Toronto @ 39 1/2 per Bus. W. fine pretty warm 15 Henry ganged J & A brought in last of Rakings AM A Plowed in sod PM J Chored Nancy Mary & Anne went to Markham & to Davids to dinner Br inlaw Enos Hoover Francis & John Lehman's Ina Came to stay all night W. pretty warm & very fine heavy rain about 6 PM heavy thunder, not near 16 J & A finished ganging back of Orchard A finished Truck wheels & took them to Black Smith at Ceder Grove AM he fixed up Hog pens & half soled his Boots W. very fine those girls are here yet Mary has not been well for some time she got some Medicine yesterday but she got worse {second page} Aug 1901 this evening A started to Dr about 1/2 past 8 this evening 17 Boys ganged in field east of dam I brought home Chop those girls rode with me I took them as far as Reynolds Corner W. Cler pretty warm Ketura Came PM with some visitors from Maryland & Pennsylvania namely the Misses Mary & Anne Hunt sisters Lydia Hunt & Clara Miller Cousins to Br C's Becca they were here to supper Sunday 18 at home all day Br S's Lydia & Bertha were here to dinner Alf Ineson's were here to supper. Mary was in bed all day W. East wind. but a very fine day 19 A & Henry ganged J brought home Truck wheels he took 5 bags Oats to Br S's AM Henry helped David Reesor thresh PM J & A finished ganging East of dam PM W. quite warm some showers went round PM, a few drops of rain this morning Mary in bed all day I forgot to say that the Dr was here on Saturday Morning he says it is Neuralgia on the lungs a rather tedius Complaint

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