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Aug 190 20 A & Henry ganged the Knoll 5 acres J Painted Truck Wheels & Chored I & Anne went to Markham PM to get Medicine for Mary She is up but not quite better yet W. very sultry looks like rain East wind. Dr was not at nome 21 A & Henry harrowed J took Susanna to Davids PM W. very warm sultry Air East wind C Burkholder & Lydia & Harvey Called a few minutes PM Dr Called this evening Mary doing better 22 A & Henry Painted silo inside J got some paint at Lapps Cider & Vinegar works the kind that they use to Paint their Vinegar Vats I brought home some Chop AM W. very very warm some thunder showers went around PM 23 A & Henry ganged in big field opposite Pilkeys I took some bags to Br S's PM to get filled with Chop Anne Diller was here to supper W. Cloudy warm a very fine heavy shower before noon a few more after it soaked as deep as the gang Plows run {second page} Aug 1901 24 A & Henry ganged J chored I got Mare Bonnie shod on fore feet AM J went to Ground Hog shooting PM Ernest & Karl went with him (they were here) I & Amelia went to bring them home with Mare Bonnie. he sot 3 very large ones one at M Barkeys farm one at Jacobs & one at B Diller's W. very fine Cooler Sunday 25 I & Nancy went to Meeting at Wideman's remarks by Br C Sermon on St Mat 18. C by C Gayman went to Tilman Reesor's to dinner & to Widow Anna Barkeys supper A Adeline & Anne were at Meeting too. W. foggy this morning, Cler today I & Nancy went to Br inlaw Peters to stay all night 26 we started about 9 AM & went to A Raymonds to dinner then we Came home to supper W. fine AM a very heavy thunder shower Came up about 2 PM rained very heavy we started home after 3 it rained very heavy here too but not much about Tilman Reesor's we heard that Tilman Culp fell down dead at his home this morning he will be buried on Wednesday fore noon at Widemans

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