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Sept 1901 & 32 Baskets of Thomas's sold @ 30 per Basket all around. W. fine Cler warm 4 Boys Plowed I took grist Oats 5 bags to Br S's & went to Ceder Groves AM Davids Came PM & Staid to supper W. very warm Davids brought Susanna home she has been visiting about 2 weeks 5 A & Henry Plowed J went to Toronto with Flavius Nancy & Mary went to Markham AM I went to Ceder Grove with Butter & Eggs W. very warm 82 deg at noon Joseph Groves brought Esther & the little boys this evening she is going to Peel & dry Apples 6 Henry finished Plowing north of Orchard A grubbed sod I went to Ceder Grove & brought home some Chop Mare Bonnie is pretty lame yet W. very very warm & sultry J drilled some stones in field north of Orchard 7 Henry helped Thomas thresh all day J sowed sod behind barn with Dawson Wheat A began Plowing in Meadow A man by the name of McGinn was here to dinner W. very warm the news came today that President McKinley was shot at Buffalo yesterday. he is living and May possibly recover he was shot yesterday {second page} Sept 1901 Sunday 8 All went to Meeting at Hebron Sermon on St Luke 22 & 23 C's by C Gayman & Br C Lords supper was Celebrated Tilman Reesor's Albert & Ida, & Harvey & Levi Hoover were here to dinner I & Nancy went to NB's to supper W. very fine & Cooler 9 A & Henry Plowed sod J brought doz Baskets from 6th Con Pickering AM Henry Plowed & J Cut Corn with new Corn Binder at NB's PM it works very well 6 of us bought it Andrew Dimma Andrew Reesor Flavius Thomas Myself & Benj'n @ $150 in 3 amount Payments without interest W. very fine, Cler very near a frost last night A helped Benj'n draw in Clover Seed PM 10 A helped Benj'n draw Clover seed AM Henry Plowed awhile then Cut a round around our feed Corn till J Came home he finished Cutting Corn at NB's & Cut awhile at Johnny Reesor's then cut ours till noon the part that was intend for fall feed then he Cut J Dr & M Barkey till night A & Henry drew corn along the fence PM W. warmer cloudy East wind a slight shower PM heavy rain after dark

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