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Sept 1901 11 A & J plowed AM opposite PilkeyJ plowed PM A plowed at Benj'n PM & Benj'n men helped thresh at David Reesor's for us Henry helped thresh at Peter Reesor's all day J went to Ceder Grove PM W. very fine but cloudy 12 Henry got mare Jenny & Minnie shod A mended boots J Chored AM A & Henry plowed PM J took butter & eggs to Ceder Grove PM W. slow & steady rain windy all AM Cloudy & cler PM Thunder over the lake & raining now bedtime 13 A helped Flavius at seeding Henry plowed J Mary & Anne went to Markham PM. W. very fine & warm. J went to Cedar Grove AM Flavius' were here peeling apples this evening 14 J cut some Corn for J McRae? A & Henry plowed A came down about 9.00 O & J began cutting our corn with Chief & Billy The binder works very well he cut with the mares Jenny & Minnie PM A helped to draw corn with trucks at Thomas's to fill his silo PM Henry helped to load. Saml Reesor cut with his Engine they filled the silo {second page} Sept 1901 In about 4 hours. President McKinley died this morning at 2:15 AM W very fine & clear. The engine & cutting Box came here this evening J went to Ceder Grove J brought home some corn PM Sunday 15 we & some of young folks intended to go to meeting at Altona rain stopped us so I & Nancy & Susanna went to Br N's they were not at home then went to Br S's they were not at home so we went to Flavius to dinner A & Henry Adeline Mary & Anne went to JD's. J went to Herman's to dinner W. rain when we got up slow & drizzly quite heavy about 8 then clered up rather heavy shower after dinner 16 had Saml Reesor to fill our silo got rather late start but got done at noon we ran 3 trucks J cut Benj's Corn with Binder AM. Then the whole crowd went to Benj's & filled his PM W. very fine & cler but a strong W wind calm this evening 17 J plowed Henry helped J Coxworth fill silo A drew some Basswood into wood shed then went to Flavius about 10 AM with team to put them on the corn binder till noon then he helped to draw corn to fill Flavius 2 silos PM they got them filled they are about {blank space} feet in diameter

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