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Sept 1901 A Henry & Benj'ns Man drew dung on field East of dam PM Benj'ns Man helped with team. I & Nancy & Susanna went to MN's to dinner W. fine Cler 25 A Henry & Benj'ns Man drew dung AM Henry helped Flavius thresh PM A & Benj'ns Man drew PM J Chored AM he cut Corn for J Taylor PM I walked to Ceder Grove AM & took J as far as Cherrywood after dinner then Called on M Barkey I & Nancy dug a lot of Sweet Potatoes PM W. very fine Cler quite Cool 26 A Cut Corn for Alick Lawson Henry drew dung AM they both helped Pilkeys thresh PM Nancy J & Mary drove to the Halfway House & went to Toronto on the Trolley I got 5 bags Oats at Thomas's & took them to Br S's AM then took Butter & Eggs to Ceder Grove & brought the Chop home PM W. Cool this morning very fine & warm today 27 A & Henry helped Pilkey thresh a few hours then they drew dung J Picked 10 Basket fallen Wealthy Apples & 4 Basket Pears AM he took them to Markham {second page} Sept 1901 Oct PM he sold 1 Basket at Ceder Grove at 30 cts he traded the 9 Baskets Apples & the 4 Baskets Pears for a good suit of Clothes for himself by paying $1.10. W. very fine & warm & Cler this is my 65th Birthday 28 Boys finished drawing dung & drew home some hardwood stove wood I & Nancy started this morning & went to Davids to dinner then to Rosanna Culps to supper & to Jacob Grove J{illegible} to stay all night W. warm Cloudy at times PM Sunday 29 went to Meeting at Almira remarks & Sermon on St John 1st C by C Burkholder went to C Wideman's to dinner then to Hermans to stay all night W. rain last night & awhile this morning drizzly through the day 30 went to Jos Shinks in Mt Joy to dinner there Came home W. drizzly this morning Cleared up very fine & warm PM A & Henry Plowed on Knoll Oct 1 A & Henry finished Plowing Knoll then they Plowed in sod till noon they dug some Potatoes PM they are rotting pretty bad Flavius Man helped Plow today J took 25 Baskets Wealthy & Alexander apples to Markham he traded 21 Baskets to E.H. Crosby for 2 Water Proof Coats he sold 4 Baskets @ 25 cts each & got the Basket