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Oct 1901 I & Nancy & Susanna went to Markham AM I went to M Barkeys for a Basket of Grapes PM W. warm Cloudy a drizzle of rain at times PM 10 J & Henry Plowed sod A went to ask Herman to help thresh tomorrow AM A Picked Apples PM I & Nancy boiled crocks sauce & I took Butter & Eggs to Ceder Grove when we were done W. Cloudy most of the time drizzly rain towards night the Duke & Duchess of Cornwall & York arrived in Toronto today they have been visiting every part of our Mighty Empire from Australia to Vancouver, Gibraltar Malta South Africa New Zealand & & & 11 Had S Reesor threshing threshed the 20 Century Oats in west barn about {blank space} Bushels then moved Machine to East barn threshed till 5 PM then Granary was full & no more room for straw as we stopped there are About {blank space} Bus mixed grain & {blank space} Bus Ligano Oats W. warm & Cler most of the day 12 J & A Plowed they finished & J rolled Henry helped R Milroy thresh then they cut some feed & brought home a load of stove wood {second page} Oct 1901 I went to Ceder Grove & brought home Chop W. warm a very little rain east wind Sunday 13 A Adeline Mary & Anne went to the funeral of Peter R Hoover he was buried at Reynolds Hill this afternoon. Hermans were here to dinner Anne went with them I & Nancy went with Thomas W. very fine & warm A cool wind, strong wind last night 14 Henry Plowed down dung East of dam with 2 furrow gang plow J Picked apples A helped NB's thresh I took 5 bags mixed grain to Br S's & went to Ceder Grove AM Flavius & Fanny were here PM & picked some apples W. very fine & Cler 15 A helped NB's thresh till awhile after dinner Henry ganged J took 4 bags Wheat to Spinks & exchanged it for Flour AM he ganged awhile PM & Henry & A spread dung J & A Picked Apples awhile towards evening I took 6 bags Mixed grain to Br S's & brought home some Chop PM W. Cooler rather Cloudy I sold our old Shropshire ram to H Yake @ $8.00 16 dug Potatoes AB helped J Plowed them out & ganged a little between times they are a great crop but a good many rotten W. Cloudy a little drizzly this morning & PM