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Oct 1901 17 J Plowed out the last of the Potatoes then he took 15 bags barley to Br S's A & Henry Picked the Potatoes till noon we have about {blank space} bags Henry ganged PM A & J spread dung & Picked apples I got Mare Bonnie Shod AM she is prety lame yet W. Cool Cloudy 18 Henry ganged A Picked some Apples & helped Mr Hoffman to put up Eave Troughs on Benj'ns stables awhile PM J went to Tompsons sale west of Markham Village he bought a spade & Bedstead @ 35 cts I brought home a load of Chop PM W. Cold NW wind white frost last night a few flakes of snow this Morning 19 Henry went to Pickering with Thomas's mare to bring some Cement for Flavius new stable Thomas is Cementing his Hog pen floor but there was not enough Cement there for both floors so Henry brought half of the load for Thomas. they got home after dinner J & A Picked apples & Chored they drew in a lot of Corn PM I brought home load of Chop AM & 1 PM weith Mare Bonnie. She is not so very lame now W. fine & Cler, but very Cold & strong NW wind. Calm this evening Sunday 20 at home JD's were here to dinner W. rather Cloudy AM Cler & Cool PM milder this evening {second page} Oct 1901 21 Henry helped Johny Reesor to thresh J drew a load of wood out of Br C's bush for AB this morning then he & A drew wood into woodshed all day W. very fine Adeline & Mary went to Markham PM I & Nancy & Anne went Picking Beechnuts awhile PM very fine & Cler dry. 22 Henry went to help move Machine in Delos Reesor place at Rouche's A helped Johny Reesor's thresh AM & helped JD's PM J finished ganging AM he made about 40 gals Cider at Lapps PM. Alf Ineson & another boy began painting Hebron Meeting house today I took Susanna to JD's this morning then went to Ceder Grove & brought grist Chop home W. very fine & Cler & warm a little Cloudy this morning 23 A helped JD's thresh till about 3 PM Henry rolled the Corn ground to break the stubs then he began to single plow it south of bush J helped Flavius & David Grove Pick apples they got some today I & Nancy boiled some sauce AB's Lizzy helped us I brought Susanna home from JD's this evening W. warm a very strong West wind. Calmer this evening 24 Henry plowed J & A topped turnips AM they Chored PM. our girls had a Carpet rag sewing Bee today Herman's were here too W. very fine & Cler sharp NW wind Ineson & his boy finished first Coat at Meeting house today. they did not Paint yesterday