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Nov 1901 Esther Meighan was here today sewing for Mary Nov 1 Henry was threshing A drew dirt onto the stones in the hole in barnyard J has a sore hand he struck his hand on a shingle nail yesterday at Kirtons he went to W Gilchrists sale PM he bought a crosscut saw & scoop shovel @ 25 cts a very good sett single Brush Collar Harness @ $2.50 A Plowed PM Horses Chief & Billy are about over the Distemper Mares Minnie & Jenny are not better yet Mare Rosa has it too W. very fine, a nice shower last night A took Esther Meighan home this evening 2 A Plowed, Henry Chored. I took 5 bags Mixed Chop to Br S's & brought home barley Chop AM I got some Mortar at M Barkeys & Bricks at NB's then Albert Reesor & J fixed Chimney on Hebron Meeting House & Made it some higher PM W. Cooler, but very fine Sunday 3 all went to Meeting at Hebron except J & Anne remarks by C Burkholder sermon on St John 3 C by Br C Abraham Smith & his daughter Mary & MN's were here to dinner W. very fine & Cler East . Cool 4 Boys Chored brought in Apples from back Orchard brought some lime from M Barkey & took it to Flavius to make a wall in his new stable under the Trough AM {second page} Nov 1901 J & A helped bring Bishop to board up the front of the new stable part PM Henry grubbed sod PM W. drissly rain & a little sleet & snow awhile this morning Clerd up PM. rather Cold Air 5 A worked at wall at Flavius Henry Plowed in Corn stubble & finished grubbing sod I & Nancy went to Markham AM then we made some sourkrout PM W. ground froze some last night fine & Cler 6 Henry went threshing with Saml Reesor at Tweedies A worked at Flavius AM J Chored AM he & A went to Plowing Match in Scarboro PM W. sharp Air, fine & Cler 7 Boys sorted Potatoes ( we put the most of them into the south sheep pen when we dug them they have not rotted much) & A & Henry took separator apart & Cleaned it it runs very easy now J Chored then A plowed PM I took 6 bags Oats Chop to Br S's AM took 5 bags barley PM went to Ceder Grove & brought Oat Chop home W. slight drizzle this morning Cloudy Cool today 8 A finished Plowing the Corn stubble pretty soon after dinner then he went to Whitevale & Paid our Blacksmith Bills a small one of B A Ellison's & one to N Miller J & Henry sorted some Potatoes AM Henry worked at Flavius stable PM