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Nov 1901 I took some Mixed Chop to Br S's & brought home barley Chop PM W. sharp strong NW wind AM fine & Cler PM Kings Birthday 9 Henry worked at Flavius cow stable they are laying the floor with Brick J & A drew 2 loads gravel from Collins AM into Barnyard onto the stones that we put in I & A put new sheet iron on the bottom of our Feed Boiler J Nancy & Mary went to Markham PM I brought home the sheet iron from Ceder Grove AM J Kennedy brought it from Toronto for us W. pretty Cold a very strong West wind Sunday 10 I & Nancy went to Meeting at Altona remarks by C Gayman sermon on part of 19 C St Luke by C Burkholder went to Ed Moyers to dinner. A Mary & Anne were at Meeting too W. rather Cloudy sharp NW wind not strong about 22 above Zero this Morning fine & Cler PM 11 A & Henry helped Flavius at stable all day J Chored & took Mare Jenny to Burrows to have a lump on her throat lanced he lanced a lump last week they have all had the distemper now Mare Bonnie is running some at her nose but she does not Cough any she travelled very well yesterday I mended some bags today W. Cloudy drissly at times heavy rain after dark getting quite mild {second page} Nov 1901 12 Henry helped Flavius AM A brought 50 Bricks from Cherrywood then Called and took some lumber from here & helped at stables at Flavius till night J brought team home & ganged turnip ground Henry helped Thomas in his hogpen PM he is rebuilding the inside of it I went to JD's PM & picked some Juniper Berries Abram is using them for Asthams he can help to thresh since using them W. very strong W wind turning Colder squaaled rain & sleet at times 13 A worked at Flavius stable Henry helped Thomas J went to Herman's AM & he went to Benj'n Stover's PM & bought 2 fat Turkeys I walked to Ceder Grove PM W. Cler sharp strong NW wind a very little snow last night a few flakes today 14 A & Henry helped McCreights thresh till about PM then Henry took Butter & Eggs to Ceder Grove & got Horse Billy shod J Plowed the Headlands in sod field & one in root field AM W. Cold NW wind AM began to snow from NW after dinner snowed till night. a few in on the ground 15 Boys brought in {blank space} bags Potatoes out of the sheep pen into the Cellar AM we Cleaned 10 bags Oats PM J took 6 bags Mixed Chop to Br S's W. Milder strong NW wind some of the snow is thawing PM