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Sunday 24 I & Nancy went to Thomas's to dinner Elias & Mary Came & Adeline Anne A & Henry went to Br C's with them to stay to supper W. drizzly & freezing this morning trees Covered with Ice got Milder after dinner drizzly all day Ice falling off again 25 A went to Taylor's to thresh he came home again the threshers did not Come J & Henry went to look for Rabbits AM they holed 4 but got none A worked at a new halter that he is making Henry brought home Chop with Mares. they are better again Nancy & Mary went to U Drudges PM W. a few in of soft snow last night. thawing some today not very Cold 26 Henry & Anne helped Herman's kill hogs J went the 7th Con & brought the Cupboard that he bought at T Culps sale he asked Chris to take it home from the sale & Keep it till after the Busy time then he staid at Herman's till they were done. A helped Taylor's thresh W. 15 above Zero this morning a strong Cold N wind all day had a Pleasant Call from John Anthony my old schoolmate he now lives in Buffalo Albert Hoover Called this evening he was threshing at Taylor's {second page} 27 A helped Taylors thresh Henry took Mares to be shod the shop was full he come home & went after dinner then he took 2 teams & got them shod J Chored W. very Cold strong N wind about 15 deg above Thanksgiving day 28 all went to Meeting at Hebron except J & Susanna remarks & sermon on St Luke part of 12 C by Br C no visitors after service Herman's Called PM he staid to supper then he went to Ceder Grove he is going to Toronto with Jim Kennedy Levi Burkholder was at Benj'ns to dinner he Called & took Lydia & Harvey home. W. Cler Cold windy yet not quite so cold as yesterday Elias & Mary went to AB's after Meeting & to JD's this evening our young folks went there too this evening 29 A & Henry drew gravel with 2 teams out Pickering Townline we got another grant there were 9 teams AM & 13 PM they mostly made 4 trips the gravel is now past the 4th Con of Pickering J Chored & got Mare Bonnie shod PM W. not so cold about 4 in snow last night thawed a little 30 A & Henry drew gravel it is now past the Old Anthony lane J Chored & went to Ceder Grove AM Mary & Susanna went to Markham PM with Mare Bonnie she goes prety well now is not much lame